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Hello everybody! Here we are with the first edition of our well reputed school’s electronic newsletter “FLORES NOTITIAE”. This is the outcome of the hard work, dedication and sincere efforts of the students and the teachers of our school.

We are extremely delighted and proud about the launch of this newsletter. It’s name is a Latin word which literally means BLOSSOMS INFORMER.

This venture will help the Blossomites to improve their skills and creativity and will provide them with a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious platform. This will also enhance their capability to read, write and learn. 

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I would like to congratulate all the members of the Literary Club for taking this appreciable initiative to publish this prestigious and innovative e-newsletter. I would also like to highlight the sincere efforts and enthusiasm of the members of the Editorial Board that has brought this vision to fruition. I wish all the very best to all the members of this club for publishing this newsletter in remarkably quick time. I am confident that with such an efficient, hardworking, capable and motivated team of young girls and boys this e-newsletter will become a regular feature in the Blossoms calendar.
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Dining hall :  A petrol pump for empty stomach.

Earth : A minor plate with major problems.

Milkman : supplier of white water with detergent.

Neighbour : A person who knows more about your affairs than you do.

Height of manners : A person offering a seat to a lady in an empty bus.

Height of stupidity : Two bald men quarrelling with each other over a comb.

Politicians : People who are good at geometry, they know everything about angles and talk in circles.

Umbrella :  A shelter for one and shower for three

                                                 Ayesha Siddiqua

                                                         VIII- C



A boring six weeks of summer vacations stretched before me. I  had  no idea what I could do to pass those six weeks, specially since my mom confiscated all my gaming consoles including my VR visors so that I wouldn’t stay in all day and play games sitting under the air conditioner .She wanted  me to have fun and go outside somewhere . But  I live in a small city which didn’t have that many sites where I could go and have “fun” . So for the first five weeks I went to my friends’ place and played Call of Duty and Counter Strike and it was all fine until the dreaded day arrived .

One summer morning , when I was getting ready to go to my friends’ place , my dad  came up to my room and said that one of his colleagues  told him about the summer camping programme that his daughter was going to . I knew what was coming so I opened my mouth to him about how boring summer camps are and stuff bu before I could say anything he told me that he liked the idea of it and had already entered my name for it and I would be leaving the next week .

The next week my parents dropped me off at this deserted path of land where there were several kids and buses waiting . I t  was an extremely hot and humid  day . I said good bye to my parents and went to join a group of girls  who looked a bit familiar.

After a while , the buses were started and  some instructors began instructing the kids to put their camping gears inside the luggage area . After all that was over and we were in our seats , the buses started going on its way and we were off.

When we reached our destinations I noticed that  it was out skirts of the city with forest everywhere on semi marshy and I  was already starting to hate it . But after five days, every thing turned out fine . We were taught how to put tents and how to start a fire . At night , all of us would  sit around the bonfires , toasting marshmallows and sharing stories . Sometimes we watched the stars and identified constellations . We also learned fishing and rafting . It was kind of like living on the edge but I really enjoyed it.

                                                                                                                                                           Mariya  Ashraf



When you are in tears,

grabbed by your fears,

be the hero of your life,

coz world is a battle field and you have to fight.

When life turns dark and you are tensed,

be a warrior and have patience.

The world is harsh, but you have to blossom and see your path right up with a caution.

When your eyes get teary

 and the world looks scary,

remember your goal,

you know, you worked hard from your heart to soul.

The world will ask who you are?

but to make them realize, it’s your task.

When the world gets partial and you are the victim,

never lose hope; coz it’s not the end,

as life is a journey,

with ups  and downs ; curves and bends.

Be strong as sun and calm as moon, then you’ll relish life as a boon.

The world is tyrannical but you have to rise,

Coz for success, you always have to pay a price.




The toughest duty is of armed forces,

they protect us,

even though they don’t know who we are,

but they devote their lives in the war.

They carry guns all the time,

they don’t care how they are , well or fine.

they don’t see the time,

but just keep an eye on enemy’s line.

Their lives are full of sacrifice,

but they have to be there on the ground,

even if  the ground is full of ice.

They leave their families alone,

and live in the danger zones.

They just wait for the letters their families send

without  using any new trend.

I know army officers are not the ones who fight all the time,

but they are the ones who are not afraid of the death.

We sleep at our homes without any tension

because they do not sleep for our safety and do not mention.

I want to salute every soldier’s mother and his family

Because they give their sons, fathers and brothers.

They leave their families alone

and live in the danger zones.

                                                 - Elma Usmani




Those sparkling jewels of queens

Those clean clothes of nobles

Those superior eyes of clergies

What remains of me?

I may lie on the street and sleep on the floor

Wear withered clothes with a sigh

Two meals a day is what is desired

I have so much to ask but it never comes my way

Dear, why are there tears in your eyes?

If you want to rise, choose the path that was taken by the wise

Work hard and focus, believe that you can do it

Chase your dreams with determination

Discipline is the key

If you do so, then surely my child you will have nothing to say


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Classes V to VIII



I see people dying,

I see leaders lying

I see mothers crying

Fathers dying,

But I cannot do anything

I feel so weak

In front of the world so big.

Why can’t we stop the war?

The war that makes the living so hard

They say,

We are doing what we could

And please do what you should.

When I ask,

What should we do?

They say,

Close your eyes

In the dark night

And follow us.

I smile and shake my head.

And they say I am risking my neck

I ask,

Who will kill me?

Instead of answering,

They puncture my head.

And they still say they hadn’t lead the world to a war,

Because of our foolishness

And blindness

The war has begun.


In this poem, ‘they’ and ‘you’ are being referred to the leaders.

                                                                    -By Manaar Haque

                                                                           Class : VIII



Stealing is a bad thing,

If anyone does it it’s a sad thing.

Stealing is a very bad sin,

Even if it contains a small pin.

Stealing makes a person thief,

Even if he has a post of a chief.

Stealing is a big crime

And he must get a fine.

                                                        -By Omair Ahmad

                                                                  Class V-A



Stop killing a baby girl,

She is like a precious pearl.

A family landed on Earth,

Stop killing them and give them birth.

She nurtures her family,

And fulfils all the responsibility.

Being daughter, mother and wife

From a tender age, she is working

To make her family fully accomplished.

Love her, protect her and free her

Because she is exceptional and no one is like her.

“If you kill her there will be no life

And there will be all husbands and no wife

So stop killing and be proud of your girl child.”

                                                    -By Kulsoom Tufail

                                                                Class VIII-C

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                                                                               - NAJIA ASHRAF 


“Humility is the ability to give up pride and still retain your dignity.”

The true meaning of humility was taught by a student of mine, who came up with a very interesting and heart touching story.

There was a beautiful rose, filled with pride for its beauty. Next to this rose was an ugly, horny cactus. The beautiful rose teased and humiliated the cactus. It was dry summer and the garden had dried out, not a single drop of water. The thirsty rose was losing its beauty and drying up, when one day it saw a bird piercing the cactus to quench its thirst. The dying rose requested the same ugly, thorny cactus for some water, who the rose always teased for its looks. The cactus was humble and without a single complaint offered the rose water to quench its thirst.

True humility is intelligent self respect; not comprise.

It is human to be confident. The confidence becomes egoistic, when we start to think of ourselves too highly. The stage reaches, when we consider that we have achieved all and nothing more left to make us strive harder.

Humility is the key to keep us hooked to the ground but with dignity, it keeps us aware of our goals to achieve. We are under the impression that humility and modesty have negative impact on a person’s confidence level or people consider us as the weak person. This is NOT the case!!! Instead, humility helps us to move to unknown rather than the known. A modest person, instead of boasting and gloating about his accomplishments, will focus on his future achievements, of which the outcome is unknown.

Practicing humility is not an easy job for many. One way to be humble is by acknowledging that we may not have answers to all the questions and we have a lot to learn. By doing so, we automatically open the doors of knowledge and will be directed to the road of lifelong learning. Gaining knowledge makes us confident and helps to value self-respect.

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Parallel dimension has even muddled the minds of leading scientists of the world.

According to Albert Einstein, there are four dimensions, three of space and one of time. Stephen Hawking further added to this theory by questioning the possibility of many more dimensions existing in our unexplored universe. Markawasi stone forest is located in the Andes Mountains in Lima, Peru and is one of the most gripping topics to be researched. The stones are virtually like sculptures, taking spectral shapes like human faces, but their formation is still a fascinating fact. The real mystery behind it is the possibility of a dimensional door. 

According to Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, an investigator of the cryptic and unexplored, once a patient came to seek help about her severe case of hemiplegia,(paralysis of one side of the body).  When he enquired about the woman’s condition, she disclosed that she had been camping with her friends in the mysterious forest, Markawasi. She said that, they had gone out exploring the forest late at night and when they came across a spooky and eerie stone cabin filled with tribal dancers in 17th-century attire. The woman added, she felt an intense pull toward the cabin, but she was wrenched away by one of her friends before her entire body could enter the cabin. She got almost half of her body paralysed(which entered the cabin) after this incident took place. Her test reports show no apparent cause for her condition.  According to Centeno the woman underwent a dimensional shift, creating a change in her bodily pressure and nervous system’s energy flow. Apart from Centeno, many scholars believe that doorway to the parallel dimension exists in the forest of Markawasi, which  might be crossed by the women and her companions unknowingly. So, lets think about the dimension parallel to us. And hope to solve this interesting mystery.


* With Reference From: Listverse


                      FEED YOUR BRAIN...!

  • A single solar flare can release energy equivalent to millions of 100 megaton atomic bombs.

  • An average person walks the equivalent of five times around the world in a lifetime.

  • The platypus and some other species such as carp lost their stomach in their evolutionary past- instead their gullets connect directly to their intestines.

  • When 70 people come together, there is a 99.99% possibility that at two of them were born on the same day…

  • The Eiffel Tower can be 15 cm taller during the summer….

  • The only letter that doesn't appear on the periodic table is J….

  • One pint of donated blood can save up to 3 lives…

  • The total length of all the nerves in the human body is 75 kilometres.

  • Turritopsis dohrnii is now officially known as the only immortal creature.

  • . If you believe that you’re truly one in a million, there are still approximately 7,184 more people out there just like you.

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The Football World Cup is a global football championship organized once every four years by FIFA to determine the best footballing nation.

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was born in 1904 in Paris, France. Robert Guérin from France was the first FIFA president. On May 28, 1928, FIFA decided to stage a world championship and thus started the FIFA World Cup in 1930 in Uruguay which was won by the host country.

On December 2, 2010 it was announced that Russia will host the 2018 World Cup, the 21st edition of the tournament. It was the first time that Russia has hosted the World Cup. A total of 64 matches were played in 12 different stadiums in 11 different cities. Zabivaka(a wolf with blue and white t-shirt with the words “Russia 2018”, and red shorts, with put on and remove orange sport glasses)was the official mascot of this World Cup and the official ball was Adidas Telstar. This was also the first time when Video Assistant Referee (VAR) was used in a major tournament.

A total of 32 teams qualified for the World Cup, both Iceland and Panama qualified for the first time. Notable countries that failed to qualify for the World Cup include Italy (four-time champions), Netherlands (three-time runner-up), Cameroon, Chile, United States, Ghana and Ivory Cost.

In 2002 World Cup, France (1998 winners) got out in the group stages and then Italy (2006 winners) got out in the group stage of the 2010 World Cup. They were followed by Spain (2010 winners) who got out in the 2014 World Cup. This World Cup was not to be left behind and it lived up to the pattern of the previous World Cups as last time champions Germany were knocked out in the group stages this time. The matches of the group stages were of good standard and many high scoring matches were played like Belgium 5-2 Tunisia, England 6-1 Panama(Harry Kane scored a hat-trick), Spain 3-3 Portugal (Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick) and Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia. The best two teams from each group progressed to the next round.

Last 16, also known as pre-quarter finals, were also very dramatic, here Spain were knocked out by the underdog Russia on penalties. Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s (considered the best players of this era) teams were knocked in this stage. Another extraordinary thing happened which was that England broke their penalty jinx (England had never ever won a World Cup match on penalties) beating Colombia 4-3 on penalties.

In the quarter-finals stage six European and two South-American teams were left. Here both the South American teams were eliminated by their opponents. Belgium got the better of favorites Brazil thereby sending them home. Russia’s fairy tale was finally ended by Croatia who beat them on penalties after the game ended 2-2 after extra time. England easily got past their opponents Sweden and entered the semi-finals after 28 years.

In the semi-finals France conquered Belgium by the virtue of 1 headed goal from a corner by the Barcelona centre-back Samuel Umtiti. In the other semi, England were defeated by Croatia 2-1, who were trailing in the match for 62 minutes after a Kieran Trippier free-kick. Ivan Perišić equalized and then Mario Mandžukić scored the winner in the extra time for Croatia and it entered the final for the maiden time in history.

The final was an interesting one with the final score France 4-2 Croatia. Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappé and Paul Pogba scored for France, and one goal came from an own goal by Mario Mandžukić. On the other hand Ivan Perišić and Mario Mandžukić scored for Croatia. It was France’s second World Cup trophy.

In the third place match between Belgium and England, Belgium won the match by two goals to nil. Third place is the best Belgium has ever achieved in the World Cup.

This competition was filled with surprises and upsets. Some unfancied teams like Russia and Sweden exceeded expectations and raised the bar to reach the latter stages and some superpowers of football like Germany and Spain went home early. Luka Modrić from Croatia won the Golden Ball (best player of the tournament), Harry Kane of England won the golden boot (most goals scored in the tournament) with 6 goals, Thibaut Courtois of Belgium got the golden glove(best goalkeeper) with mind blowing 26 saves and Kylian Mbappé from France who is just 19 years old won the Best Young Player. Other players who shined in the World Cup are Eden Hazard, Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, Ivan Perišić etc.

Overall this World Cup was quite amazing and entertaining and one of the best World Cups ever. This World Cup will be remembered in the years to come.

-Syed Ali Atiq,



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Here are few logical reasoning questions which you might like to solve:

Q1.It was Rhea’s fifth birthday, and to her great delight, her mum, dad, aunt, uncle and grandma all came to her birthday party and gave her presents. From the clues below you can work out who is who, what present each of them gave her, what color paper each present was wrapped in, and the order in which Rhea opened her presents?

1. Rhea could see the shape of the trike outlined in the wrapping paper and couldn’t resist tearing open that present first.

2. Rhea opened the present from her aunt after the present from her uncle, but before the present from her dad.  

3. Rhea’s aunt (not Deepali) gave her a beautiful little doll. Suchitra may or may not have wrapped her present in silver paper.

4. Sanjay didn’t wrap his present in yellow paper, and Harshal didn’t give Rhea the dressing-up box.

5. The third present that Rhea opened was wrapped in red paper.

6. Deepali wrapped her present in green paper and Aai(not Rhea’s mum) gave her the playhouse.

7. Rhea unwrapped the teddy before the present wrapped in pink paper, but not immediately after the present (not the cycle) given to her by her uncle.


Q2. Adb_ac_da_cddcd_dbc_cbda

 1. bccba                                   

 2. cbbaa 

 3. bbcad

 4. bbcad

 None of these

Replace the question mark

Q3.Vultures: scream::Mice:?

 1. scream

 2. quack

 3. squeak and squeal

 4. chirp/creak

Q4. Donkeys: bray::Geese:?

 1. growl

 2. hum

 3. cackle

 4. Simper

Q5.Whale:Calf::Frog: ?

 1. kid, 

 2. calf

 3. tadpole

 4. lamb

Q6. How many 9’s are there between 1 and 100?

Q7. If CONTRIBUTE is written as ETBUIRNTOE which letter will be in the sixth place?

1. L

2. I

3. A

4. None of these

Q8. 6,5,24,25,144,(?)

1. 155

2. 160

3. 170

4. 175

Q9. How many pillars are needed to construct a bridge of 300 meter long, if pillars are at a distance of 12 1∕2 meters each.

1. 22

2. 24

3. 25

4. None of these

Q10. If TOUR is written as 1234, CLEAR as 56784 and SPARE is written as 90847, find the code for CARE:

1. 1247

2. 4847

3. 5247

4. 5847


Here are some interesting questions for you to solve. The answers/solutions of these questions can be mailed to us on the e-mail id, displayed in the contact section. 

1. If x+1/x=3, then find the value of x^6+1/x^6.

2. The radius of a circle is 6cm. The perpendicular distance from the centre of the circle to the radius of the chord which is 8cm in length is?

3. If the roots of the equation (b-c) x^2 + (c-a) x + (a-b) = 0, are equal, then prove that 2b=a+c.

4. The circumference of the base of a 10m height conical tent is 44m. Calculate the length of canvas used in making the tent if width of canvas is 2m.

5. The sum of the first n terms of an A.P. is 4n^2 + 2n. Find the nth term of this A.P.

6. The ratio of the sums of m and n terms of an A.P. is m^2: n^2. Show that the ratio of the mth and nth terms is (2m-1): (2n-1).

7. 5+x/5-x - 5-x/5+x = 15/4; x is not equals to 5,-5. Solve it by factorisation.

8. 5 books and 7 pens together costs Rs.79 whereas 7 books and 5 pens together costs Rs.77. Find the cost of 1 book and 2 pens.

9. The empirical relation between mean, mode and median is?

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The Bhangarh fort is a fort built in the state of Rajasthan, India in the Alwar district in the 17th century. It is located on the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Aravali range; it was built by Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh during the Kacchwaha Rajput.

This fort is a tourist spot which attracts many tourist and archaeologists from around the world because of its horrifying stories heard by other visitors and locals of that area.


There are countless stories about this fort the visitors and the people of that region says that it is hazardous to visit the fort after sunset. It is not allowed for anyone to enter the fort during night time as per the notice by the Archaeological Survey of India. Many oldsters says the one who enters the fort at night never returns!! There are many myths about this fort which declared it as haunted.

                                                                                        MYTHS ABOUT THE FORT.... 

  • Curse by Guru Balu Nath- There was a sadhu (priest) named Guru Balu Nath who lived inside the castle, the spot where the fort is built was the Samadhi of the Guru, The King persuaded that it was his warning that if any house will be built over it or the building’s shadow touches the Samadhi, then the building will sag.

  • A Wizard N.R Sinha-   There was a wizard N.R Sinha, who used to practise black magic, fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh Rani Ratnavati because of her beauty but as she was a princess she had to marry a prince of a royal family. That wizard was completely smitten by her grace, so, one day Rani Ratnavati went with her friends for shopping, she wanted to buy an ittar when that wizard got the news he replaced the ittar by a lovepotion.He offered it to the princess suddenly she got aware of his dishonesty and threw the potion onto an enormous stone nearby. As an effect of the potion the stone started to roll behind the wizard and crushed him. While he was taking his last breath he cursed the fort. He said that all the people living inside the fort will be finished including the princess. The whole kingdom will vanish one day! And nobody will be able to live inside the precincts and eventually Bhangarh was attacked by the Mughals. At that time 10,000 people were living in the fort city. All were killed including Ratnavati. In the current state, the place is imputed to the wizards curse and the people believe that the spirits inside the fort are of the wizard and the princess.


The first story is about a girl who was 9 years old, she once visited the fort with her dad suddenly her father felt that someone is following both of them. So her father carried her and walked fast to get rid of him and then her father turned around to see whether he is still following or not but he had disappeared and people around them told that there was no one behind them.


The next story is about a group of travellers who visited the fort they were all enjoying the tour as they did not see anything paranormal and suddenly when they were returning back one of them noticed something unusual, they saw a man sitting on a wall near a window staring at them continuously So the whole group hastened outside the fort.

This story is about a boy who went to the fort at night with some of his friends after listening to the spooky legends of the fort. He said that when he and his friends were exploring the Bhangarh fort it was 8:30PM and at around 12:30pm they heard a shriek of a female they all got scared and subsequently rushed to the exit and fortunately all of them were saved but were extremely disturbed after the incident.

Reference by~



Bara Imambara is an imambara complex in Lucknow, India.Bara means big, and imambara is a sacred hall built for the purpose of Azadari. The Bara Imambara is among the grandest buildings of Lucknow.Construction of Bara Imambara was started in 1785. There is also a blocked tunnel passageway which, according to legends, leads through a mile-long underground passage to a location near the Gomti river. Other passages are rumoured to lead to Faizabad, Allahabad, Agra and even to Delhi. They exist, but have been sealed after a period of long disuse as well as fears over the disappearance of people who had reportedly gone missing, while exploring but still the reality has not been checked.The architecture of the complex reflects the maturation of ornamented Mughal design, namely the Badshahi Mosque - it is one of the last major projects not incorporating any European elements or the use of iron. The main imambara consists of a large vaulted central chamber containing the tomb of Asaf-ud-Daula. At 50 by 16 meters and over 15 meters tall, it has no beams supporting the ceiling and is one of the largest such arched constructions in the world.


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The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) and locally described as The Giant Egg, is an arts centre containing an opera house in Beijing, China. Smooth, sleek curves of Beijing’s Giant Egg are beautifully reflected in the glass-like surface of the man-made lake that surrounds it. Built for the 2008 Summer Olympics, the gleaming dome, which looks as if it’s floating on the lake, contains an opera house, concert hall and theatre, all of which are accessed via a hallway underneath the water. It seats 5,452 people in three halls and was designed by French architect Paul Andreu.



The Atomium is a landmark building in Brussels, originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. It is located on the Heysel Plateau, where the exhibition took place. Built for Expo ‘58, standing 102m high and with nine connected stainless steel spheres, the Atomium forms the shape of a cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. Created to symbolize peace among nations, a faith in scientific progress and a positive vision of the future, the bizarre-looking construction is now one of Brussels’ most iconic buildings. . It is now a museum.



Ferrari World is an amusement park for kids and especially for kids at heart car lovers. Located in UAE, the main building is truly among the 10 Most Must-See Architectural Wonders of the Modern World. Seen from the air, Ferrari world in the UAE’s wealthiest emirate looks unreal. This shiny red homage to the magnificence and power of the Ferrari racing engine includes an entire theme park. Be sure to ride the fastest roller coaster in the world while you’re here.

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Sagrada Familia is a large unfinished Roman Catholic church in Barcelona. Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished masterpiece was designed so it would stand no higher than the “God-made” structure of Montjuic hill; the central spire will be 170m – one metre less than the hill. Work began on the extraordinary church in 1882, and the completion date is 2026. Just eight out of eighteen planned spires have been built to date.



The Guggenheim Museum is a museum of modern and contemporary arts. It was inaugurated on 18 October 1997. It is one of the largest museums in Spain. The building has been hailed as a “signal moment in the architectural culture” because it represents  “one of those rare moments when critics, academicians and the general public were all completely united about something.”



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All the members of the Editorial Board wish to express their heartiest thanks to respected Saeed Sir, Madam Principal, Afreen ma'am, Shazia ma'am, educator In charges of the Literary Club, Sabiha ma’am, Soheba ma’am, Nigar ma’am, Asad Sir, Najia ma’am, Rabbi ma’am and Kashif Sir for their valuable suggestions, continuous support and encouragement. Thanks a lot! We would also like to express thanks to our other club members for their help and support. Thank You!

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